An element of risk

There’s only one way to obtain your dream — perseverance in the face of all adversity. Sometimes that adversity comes in the shape of fear. Of overcoming boredom. Of challenges that spear you through the heart.

There’s a strain when you look at the calendar and then pull up a look at your decreasing bank balance. The only thing that puts you back on the right path to being a published author is to take a moment and look at the job postings. If there’s anything to spur you to focus on your writing is to look at what else you could be doing. You could be updating your resume, scheduling calls, attending meetings, dealing with work hierarchies and dramas, starting over when middle-aged.

None of that is appealing.

So back to my passion project I go, with the reality being that sometimes the words just don’t come. That is an adversity that is hard to overcome, but by stepping out of your own way perhaps you can accomplish your dreams.

Fingers crossed I accomplish mine.