Creating a world

5,031 words equates to approximately 20 pages typed. The things you learn as you write more than a powerpoint on a given day.

This is a different type of writing, with each word being pulled out of me to land bloodily on the page makes me happier and happier.

It says something that I am doing this for me. Succeed or fail as a published author, I will still have succeeded as an author. Publishing is a nice perk. But I absolutely believe that even if no one else reads the book I am writing that I enjoy the writing of it. All one-star reviews are still reviews and will help me to grow.

I’m learning more every day and look forward to revisit the world and characters I created. I created. Two words that have such power.  Yes, it’ll all need to be fleshed out quite a bit more when I move into the editing phase. But right now, the goal is to have a fully written draft by the end of the month. Very doable, especially as I was one-third complete at the start of the month.

Time to get back to my world. Alex, Victoria, the Aimsleys, Antony and Snuffles. We are only beginning.