Drafting complete means the real work begins

The first draft of Penrose was completed by 7pm on Sunday, Aug 6. All I can say is that I did not want to rush it, but I also missed my personal deadline by a week. Sadly, I have learned that deadlines do count in this world so will be making a concerted effort to adhere to them from now on.

I could point the blame on many things, but it’s enough to say that learning is a process, and accepting that I have to own this new existence is a learning in itself.

I took one day off to mentally re-charge and I have to say that it was weird to not write. To not feel stressed. But on the plus side, I also was not thinking of Penrose. That story’s bones exist and I am pleased to say that I was not thinking or regretting a moment of creating it.

But I will review it soon. I will look at it with fresh eyes. Build where it needs building, cut where it needs cutting. This, too, will be a learning process and one I am excited to begin.