New Day, New Chapter

I read recently that it is wise to take two weeks out prior to reviewing, self-editing your manuscript so I am following that advice and not looking at Penrose for another week.

Still not having flashes of “oh, this should have been added, I could change that”, so I think my mind is enjoying the break as well.

So after taking a few mental health days, and hurting myself while trying to get 10k steps in a day, I am starting a new chapter, a new book. One that I outlined a long time ago so I hope that the writing of it will go speedily.

Consider this day 1. I plan to have approx 50,000 words in this new one, perhaps a bit less.  We shall see where we end up as that equates to approx 190 pages. A nice Harlequin-type romance as a palate cleanser.

Fingers crossed. Now on to creating the template and beginning.